Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pump Purchasing

10) Mark brought in a ton of information about purchasing an automated pump for the co-op, in addition to a computer system to handle on-site transactions. He and Bill McComas have formed a Pump Procurement Committee with the intention of procuring a pump by June 15th. Ideally, the co-op will be able to find a used pump (with proper biodiesel fittings) that could be donated by a gas station or oil company (and written off, by them, as a dontion to a non-profit organization). If not, the co-op will purchase a pump with the $7000 grant (although the pump should probably not exceed $5000). In addition, Mark has agreed to donate some computer equipment for the new set-up, which he s able to procure from his job. The new pump will most likely stand about 4-feet in height, and will be installed next to the 1000 gallon tank (on the side of the driveway). Both the tank and the pump will be underneath the security cage. It is simply not possible to mount the automated pump on top of the tank. There will need to be an electrical line that runs from the new pump to the outlet (and computer system) at the kiosk. The co-op has left all of the details of the pump (brands, etc.) to the discretion of Mark and Bill. Also, it appears that the majority of the co-op is in favor of two levels of security: both a lock on the cage AND a pin number to activate the pump. The majority of members also favor a system in which any credit card can be used at the pump (once the pin number has been entered). In other words, the co-op will not be saving any credit card information in our computer system.

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