Sunday, November 18, 2007

Meeting Notes, November 10, 2007

12 members in attendance.
We focused on fuel quality.
3 measures were voted on and passed:
1- We will test each batch received from our supplier and require delivery of B100 derived from Soy oil.
Measure passed 12-0
2-Fuel polishing system will be installed to remove water and filter fuel prior to sale.
Measure passed 12-0
3-Tech committee 'crisis pay'
Measure passed 8-1

Several other topics were discussed and some duties were delegated.
A) Notifying membership of fuel issues.
Steve Howard will assist Mare Cromwell in assembling a member e-mail database. These signups may coincide with signup for the automated fueling setup.

Tech committee and Davis Bookhart will send a message to the membership via the Yahoo! group if further fuel issues crop up.

B) Membership renewals are coming due.
Please leave a legible copy of your email address when fueling up on your next visit. Also plan to pay your $30 for dues.

C) Remediation for expenses, due to fuel problems.
Submit a detailed description of your fuel problem and costs (towing, etc.) to Davis Bookhart. Davis has $ to disperse to inconvenienced members.

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