Thursday, February 7, 2008

Goals for 2008.

Board Meeting at Biohabitats was hosted/facilitated by Paul, food provided gratis from Woodberry Kitchen, via Ted
12 folks in attendance.
Meeting commenced with introductions and personal reflection on the coop and biodiesel.
We 'visioned' for an hour and formed a subcommittee to formally craft a vision statement.
We discussed marketing strategy and physically growing the coop in 2008.
Finally we formed subcommittees, effective immediately. All members are invited to contact the chair of a subcommittee they would like to join. Some subcommittees require a volunteer chair.

Visioning Statement is being crafted by Mare and Carrie.
The group suggested we consider the following concepts: keeping it local, being part of the solution, maintaining fuel that is clean, green and sustainable. Two major goals for 2008: Find a reliable, local source of fuel. Community building

Next, we broke into two groups discussing Marketing and Distribution/Financial goals for the coming year.
Marketing notes will be posted soon. Briefly, three Subcommittees are necessary; Advocacy, Education and Outreach.
Subcommittee (chair)
Advocacy (Davis chair)
Education (Susan)
Outreach to potential members in the agricultural community( requires a volunteer subcommittee chair-your name here).

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