Friday, April 25, 2008

Update on Fuel Supply and Pricing

Last we enjoyed record sales (~325 gallons) while suffering through record high prices ($4.99 per gallon).
The pricing was the result of things that we can explain- kerosene price is through the roof, approaching $5 per gallon itself- and things we cannot- why poultry fat biodiesel from United Biofuels, retailed to our supplier at $3.50 per gallon costs us $4.30 per gallon.
Alas, the middlemen have us in a vulnerable position and they are not kind with their authority.

This summer we will have a 3300 gallon tank truck to use for fuel pickup and delivery. We are becoming fuel distributors. For folks like our brethren in the Washington, D.C. biodiesel community, there will be a kind-hearted middleman available. Us.

Maryland Biodiesel would like to sell us B100, so we can adhere completely to our local, sustainable and renewable policy, without any caveats.

Bully for us!

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