Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring is here. So is B100.

Hi *everyone*.
Nice to see, hear and be all of you.

As you know, the cooperative will transition into selling B100 during April.
The price when we reach B100. April First: we have ~250 gallons of B50.
Should be sold by April 15, according to latest sales trends.

Cloud point is 1C.
B100 is ASTM6751 spec, made from waste vegetable oil. Waste vegetable oil is a highly sustainable feedstock, already used for food preparation, and this type of recycling keeps tons of grease out of landfills.

Treasure the Chesapeake!
bye for now,
Fuel Czar


Well Left said...

By saying 'be all of you', I mean that Mark Eckley is the sole contributor and reader of this blog.
You can correct me if/when you read this comment Andrew.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA thought so.
See you at Tax meeting Andrew, I'll rib you about not reading the blog then

Brian said...

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