Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fuel Sourcing

Discussion of how to ensure local supply of fuel explored several options:
1.Make biodiesel from waste vegetable oil (WVO).
This option requires testing for every batch made, to reach ASTM6751 specification.

2.Canadian biodiesel
This is K50/veggie oil 50 and is not approved for on road use. American Independence fuels has been offering this blend for months, at very competitive prices, below $3.00 per gallon. The secret? Illegally providing untaxed kerosene as fuel. Good intentions aside, American has been fined heftily by Maryland Transportation Authority.

3.Fuel from October.
Our B100 that gelled upon delivery to our main tank has been transported off site and will be offered for sale when the weather warms up. 'New' price will be $3.26 per gallon for those couple hundred gallons of fuel, in the spring.

4.Small truck purchase
Trucks under 26000 pounds operating weight do not require the driver to have a commercial driver's license (CDL). Piedmont Biofuels (in North Carolina) ran their coop out of a 1500 gallon truck before the creation of their biodiesel corridor. They now have 7 fueling stations across NC. A truck would lower coop operation costs because we could buy fuel in larger batches, directly from the suppliers. Currently delivery charges of $0.80 per gallon ($320 per 400 galon batch) are incurred every three weeks or less.


dmoylan said...

I'm the owner of a 2004 VW Golf TDI, and for the first time I'm considering using Biodiesel. The latest posting indicates that you now require ASTM6751 certification. It's key to me, as I've read a few things suggesting that inferior biodiesel fuels can cause problems. Can you confirm if I fill up this coming Friday evening that the current fuel meets the certification? Thx

Well Left said...

Absolutely, we can guarantee the fuel meets ASTM6751 spec.
Our current blend is B50/K50. The K is K1 clear, also known as 'kerosene approved for road use'. This fuel keeps the biodiesel from gelling in temperatures approaching 0 degrees F. The kerosene is also ASTM6751compliant.

Your 2004 Golf will love the winter blend.

The coop requies either joining before fueling or paying an upcharge to try out the biodiesel.

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