Sunday, December 2, 2007

NY TIMES article

Nice read. Now if we can get the city to do the same.


Well Left said...

Hmm, I gues going above B20 is really radical thinking?
Can't wait to get back to B100 in the warm weather, sigh...

The SFGreasecycle project sounds pretty awesome. Using waste oil as starting material will save a lot of money for fuel producers, at least in theory. Restaurateurs will take nominal payment for drums and drums of waste oil. It's an idea that makes sense in a lot of ways.

Anonymous said...

Coop will be selling the cloud point of 11.6C B100 for $3.30 per gallon in late April.
So the price of our winter fuel is high, but the price of our warm weather fuel ought to be quite competitive with dino diesel, come spring/summer.

This is a natural downside to using B100-> it is not made for cold weather use. That is why B100 is considered a 'fuel additive', not fuel per se.

Let's be patient with the pricing, guys.