Monday, October 22, 2007

Biodiesel Mechanic Suggestion

I thought I might pass around my very happy last trip to the mechanic. I needed a lot of work on my '95 E300D, it just kept running so I kept deferring my trip to the mechanic. I got several estimates and my trusty mechanic had given me the lowest bid. He did much more work than originally planned (all well needed) and still came in $150 under his original already low bid on the work. When I picked up the car friday evening it ran like a top.

So if anyone is looking for a mechanic I highly recommend Brian and his crew at Mt. Washington Autohaus. I have had 5 different vehicles worked on at Autohaus over the last 10+ years but this last trip takes the case. And this trip was for my diesel Mercedes and I knew I was going to spend some cash for this trip.

He seems to really know his cars and he has quite a few diesels through his shop.

When I picked up the car friday there was an early 90's Mercedes TurboDiesel for sale parked on his lot. It looks nice and is owned by another customer of the shop. If anyone knows anyone looking for one drive by see if if you like it.

If you are looking for a mechanic who knows his diesels go to Autohaus. They are on Falls Rd. by the Kelly Ave bridge.




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