Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 13, 2007. Topic 4

4-Fueling Kiosk setup
Please visit
for all the details.

$2500 budget was proposed by Ilya Goldberg and Andrew Gellene for a credit card/PIN system that will operate on battery power. A card swipe, keypad and LCD screen will all be accessible on the fueling cage. We will use the current pump and tank.
The kiosk will allow members to purchase fuel anytime they wish.
Measure to provide Ilya Goldberg $2500 to purchase components and build kiosk was passed, 6-0.
John Shepley has permission to provide funds to Ilya Goldberg upon request.

Important note to membership:
The cooperative anniversary date is coming soon. Prepare to pay your annual dues for 2007-2008 on your next visit to Mill Valley.

When the kiosk becomes operable, members will be able to register a PIN with their name. Once registered members can purchase fuel with any valid credit card bearing their name. Entering the PIN will activate the pump. Swiping the card will allow the cage to be opened and then member can dispense fuel. A flow sensor will calculate the total purchase price and charge the credit card swiped.

'One Day Wonders' can try our biofuel by paying $10 online and register for a 24 hour PIN. The $10 would be credited to their first purchase. The board assumes the first purchase will convince the Wonder to return and join the Coop as a regular member, for the $30 annual fee.


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