Wednesday, June 18, 2008

B100 Pricing for the coop, for members

A local supplier has provided these prices for B99.9 or blended, Biodiesel. the fuel is made from poultry, choice white fat.
22April $3.30
09May $3.32
13May $3.55
21May same
28May $3.80
02June $3.65
12June same
18June $3.75

Road taxes must be paid to Maryland and Federal authorities, adding $0.49 per gallon to the above prices.
Our fuel transporter charges us $0.45 per gallon for service, as well.

We charge $0.35 per gallon to pay for development and growth of the coop:
bumper stickers
new truck ( which should save us $0.25 per gallon once we're using it)
BBD9000 systems

Therefore our price of $4.94 per gallon will be changing to $5.04 per gallon by weekend of 6/27.

Please note that we offset the preposterous jump in price from May 21 to May 28 by selling B100 that was purchased late in 2007.


Well Left said...

July 1st price:
$3.90 per gallon before taxes, etc.

Well Left said...

July 16th price:
$3.85 per gallon base price, ought to put us at $5.12 by next week.

Well Left said...

August 7 update:
$3.52 per gallon gets us down around $4.77

Well Left said...
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Well Left said...

August 28, UB price is $3.26 per gallon,
McComas sells it to us at $3.92 per gallon
Members purchase at $4.45 per gallon...

Well Left said...

September 25-breakthrough!
UB at <$3.00 per gallon. McComas price to us about $3.65
Members price $4.10 per gallon