Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Old Business- new Truck ("Molly Pitcher")

The tale of Molly Pitcher can be found on the yahoo! group, Charm21:

She cost us $3898 to buy and drive to New Jersey. $1338 to tow to Maryland where we are getting her in shape to pass Maryland inspection.
Fuel tank, Transmission, Brakes, Universal Joint, Air Compressor and Tanker pump will all be assessed.
The board voted to research buying a new chassis to put Molly's tank on.
We will not begin repairs for one month while we look into a chassis for a GVW 44000 pound vehicle, e.g., a heavy duty dump truck.
The board will research a gated, secure location for parking the truck, too.
Finally, it was suggested that MEA might be able to assist us with the gift of a used truck. Alternatively, we could trade for a used truck with biodiesel fuel. Paying off the truck over time, in effect.

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