Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Committee updates

1. Technical Committee
see BBD9000
Filter has been attached to the tank to continue providing clear fuel to our users.

2. Marketing Committee
No report given as Carrie was out sick.

3.Finance Committee
Discussion of operational costs of truck suggest we need to reapply to Maryland Energy Administration for further grants.
>40% increase in sales demonstrates we are using the money they granted us last year wisely and effectively.

4.Membership Committee
Focusing on retaining existing members by using iContact to send out alerts, bulletins, etc. to keep information flowing from the board to the members.

We voted to name Mare Cromwell our operations 'co-head' along with John Shepley. They will assign projects to specific members of the committees.

Response team for operations needs to be put in place, with backups available.
We proposed an Operations Committee
Pay rent- Treasurer
Buy fuel-fuel liaison and treasurer
Maintenance- any capable member. Currently filter changes have been made by a handful of folks willing to get a little oily.
The tank still needs a proper cleaning.
No volunteers were ackowledged, any would be welcome.

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