Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Meeting - Agenda

Minutes from the meeting on 2/10/2007

In attendance: Davis Bookhart, John Shepley, Jeremy Caradonna, Mary-Ellen Chambers, Andrew Gellene, Paul Kovalcik, Ilya Goldberg, Ted Rouse


1) Updates on a variety of issues: electrical hook-up, marketing committee, calibration of the tank, outreach, financial committee

2) Discussion of our price per gallon

3) Possibility of becoming an LLC

4) Home heating

5) Issues relating to the new Friday opening

1) Updates

Meeting - Electric

A) David has successfully installed an electrical hook-up on the outside of the buidling. The co-op should begin using this outlet immediately and cease running electrical cables through the Market's window.

Meeting - Marketing

B) Marketing. Davis exhibited some new flyers (meant for car windshields) that he recently printed up. The co-op discussed the best means of financing these flyers (and any other advertising material). The co-op decided to pay for the new flyers in small increments. Davis also asked that the co-op push the sale of bumper stickers at the kiosk (and on-line). Sales tax, he reminded, must be added to the sale of any bumper sticker.

Meeting - Calibration

C) Calibration. Ilya announced that there should be regular calibration of the pump, following new shipments of fuel. The pump will be re-calibated in the next week or two (following the next shipment of B50). John volunteered to supply a scale for this task

Meeting - outreach

D) Jeremy announced that he gave a presentation on Wednesday the 7th to the Greater Homewood community organization. The co-op agreed that outreach should remain a high priority in the future.

Meeting - Financial

E) Financial. John gave a detailed account of the financial status of the co-op. The co-op, while financially stable, agreed that all debts, especially to the treasurer, should be settled in the near future. The co-op also discussed what to do with the one-time $70 membership fee that has been collected from new members. The co-op agreed that the money should be put aside for the time being and used for future fuel-related needs.

Meeting - Price per gallon

2) Price per gallon. The co-op agreed that, after a necessary mark-up, any decrease in wholesale fuel costs should correlate to the retail price of our fuel. Accordingly, the co-op decided to lower the PPG (effective immediately) from $3.51 to $3.34. The co-op's PPG will likely fluctuate in the near future (although it should stabilize in the long term). Andrew agreed to post the PPG on the website.

Meeting - LLC Discussion

3) The discussion of becoming a LLC was put on hold. The co-op decided to hold an extraordinary session, in the next week or two, to discuss the middle and long-term goals of the organization. Thus, broad issues such as becoming a LLC, moving in the direction of home heating, etc, will be revisited during this extraordinary meeting. The date for this meeting will be posted shortly. Those in attendance will then report back to the co-op at the subsequent general meeting.

Meeting - Friday Hours

4) Paul announced that the Friday opening appears to be a possibility, assuming that the co-op can attract enough volunteers. The first Friday opening will be on February the 23rd, from 5-8:30. The co-op will remain open on Fridays as long as regular volunteers can be secured.