Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Fuel Filter 2/22/2009

We have 475 gallons of B50 treated for albae growth and filtered to 30 microns.

I replaced the old filter on the outdoor tank.

We have 375 gallons of winterized biodiesel in reserve, so it is time to arrange a trip to United Biodiesel or Keystone to purchase B100.

Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 winter blend

Hey everyone (Andrew. Rich. if there is *anyone* else reading this, please, leave a comment)

Our winter blend, B50, is selling at $3.37 per gallon to help pay for several things necessary for the operation of the coop:
Totes for transport of the fuel.
Truck rental.
Algicide treatment.
Fuel filters.

We are currently renting space inside of Mill Valley Center for storage of the biodiesel fuel. We have over 1000 gallons of B50 at the present time, all treated for algae growth.

The 450 gallons we have sold since mid-January was filtered upon transfer from inside the building to the outdoor tank. Algicide was introduced into the fuel, to keep the tank clean and the filters unplugged.

The outdoor tank was refilled and retreated this weekend, 2/7/2009, to combat any algae growth. With nighttime temps in the 20's and daytime temps pushing 60 condensation was a real possibility. I believe that filling the tank to the top decreased the amount of condensation.

We'll be keeping up with the fuel supply in this manner from here on out.