Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Spring General Assembly report

We had 9 people attend the general assembly meeting yesterday and had plenty of lively discussion.
1)Treasurer's report
2)Expansion Plans
3)Future of Fuel purchase and Sales
4)Clean Fuel Fund
5)A walkthrough to observe fuel transfer process

Treasurer Report:
Current balance in the coop's account is $10k
$5k has been earmarked for the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) grant expenditures for the Clean Fuel Fund.
Spent $3370 on 1000 gallons of B99.

We are currently spending $30 per month on BGE services (mainly electricity delivery charge) and $50 per month on rent. These costs are covered by the markup we charge on fuel sold to members.

Inventory (Assets)
3 BBD9000 automated fuel kiosks
2 are fitted with solar panels and batteries, ready to place in the field.
We also have parts for others that can be assembled.

Expansion Plans.
2 new locations are being settled with tank, cage and BBD9000 kiosk.
Merriweather Post Pavilion (MP, passenger cars and tour buses)
Tidewater point (TP, passenger cars and boats)
'Aerotank' company has made a doublewall, 1000 gallon tank for us to place at MP.
TP has a 2000 gallon doublewall tank in place on the dock already.

Several separate action items must be executed to setup MP:
Site preparation near the concert pavilion (level area for the tank and cage).
Delivery of Tank from Aerotank company, to MP site.
Delivery of cage from Ron Thomas (Jewel Welding) to MP site.
Assembly and plumbing of BBD9000MP, cage, tank and solar panels.

Voted for a July 4, 2010 deadline to have MP up and running. Passed 8-0.
Once we have a technical drawing of the tank, Ilya and Paul will try to prefab the pipes for the plumbing job.

For TP, setup will also require a steam cleaning of the 2000 gallon tank that is mounted there (it is currently storing waste oil).
Cage is being assembled by Ron Thomas (Jewel Welding).
Assembly and plumbing of BBD9000TP, cage, tank and solar panels.
Bob Brandon and Paul will talk about options for tank cleaning company.

Future fuel sales.
distribution and purchase.
McComas is our fuel distributor. They have a new operations manager, Bob McComas. Bob will only purchase fuel available in Baltimore. We are attempting to purchase fuel manufactured by Clean Green Fuel, LLC, out of Nottingham, MD (White Marsh area).
We voted 8-0, to sell B20 at MP and TP sites until we determine demand.
We voted 7-1 to run a poll on the BBD9000 to determine demand for other blends.
We voted 8-0 to have a formal update on the Molly Pitcher tank truck purchased in 2008, at the July meeting.
We are in discussion with Clean Green Fuel to trade kiosks for a truck. we still need a driver of said truck however.

Clean Fuel Fund (CFF).
Promoting biodiesel use in schools to improve air quality for schoolkids. We are promoting biodiesel use by fundraising to offset the price difference between D2 and B20. Paying for fuel upgrades for school buses, in other words.
We may form a CFF 501(c)3 to do the fundraising and followup to the marketing.
Cafeteria is being contracted to design a website. We will also ask Drexler for a counter-proposal.
Discussion led to request for widgets that will follow fund-raising efforts in real time, allow coop members to donate by rounding up their purchases. We voted to have an internal meeting to further discuss the marketing approach, passed 8-0.