Thursday, September 6, 2007

Biodiesel Car suggestions and links

-Yes, most of our members run VWs or Mercedes. I'd check out
> and for good deals on diesels. The used ones

>go quick because everyone wants to run biodiesel these days. In 2008,
>however, there should be a much larger supply of new diesels on the market.

>The car companies realize that the biodiesel industry is heating up.
>Any diesel engine, of course, can run biodiesel without conversion or
>modification. There's only a couple of caveats: 1) cars made before 1990
>need rubber hoses replaced with viton (I finally found a good website that
>explains the issue:; 2) VWs, even newer
>ones, seem to run better with more regular changes of the fuel filter (say
>every 6 months); and 3) a lower blend of biodiesel (between B20 and B50)
>needs to be used in colder weather so as to avoid gelling in the engine. We

>sell B50 from about November to March.
>1984 Mercedes 300TD, 245K miles.
>Kbpilla <> wrote:
>Very intrested in any feedback on what are the best cars to run on
>biodiesel and reliabilty issues if any....